Cyberspace: The Last Frontier

In the world of the Nightbane there are many planes of existence that the ‘bane can escape to. Among these is the realm of cyberspace or the internet, a wild and untamed plane of existence that, thanks to random code that floats though this “space”, is easily manipulated and molded.

In this phantom zone of sorts lie the secrets of the Nightbane, Nightlords and perhaps the entire universe if you know where to look. However that is just a rumor that has yet to be explored.

Those who have traveled this space have found the Earth relatively tame and mild by comparison. In there are the Random People, Cyber Vampires (Viruses), the Plug-Ins who are zombies controlled by the Beast, the Cyber Realms of the Nightbane, humans, Nightlords Avatar and other creatures.

TO SEE THIS WORLD OF WONDER all one has to do is breach the Interface, a sort of Mirror Wall for the cyber plane. This wall is even more supple then the Mirror Wall. Those who wish to travel to the world of cyberspace just need to find a computer connected to the internet. However like the Astral Plane, this place has its layers, seven to be exact. Each layer is more and more alien then the last. Imagine the layers as various versions of one Ethereal Plane. Each plane of existence interconnects with the next with their own hidden secrets hidden from each other but in the same plane of existence.

R.E.S. stands for Reality Enforcement System (See Rifter #2 pp. 27-52 or Aliens Unlimited: Galaxy Guide pp. 205-210). In the superficial levels of cyberspace reside R.E.S. and also in the individual kingdoms resting deep inside of cyberspace. Even a few of the websites that exist in Cyberspace that is constantly influence by men have a RES for security reasons or just for looks.

The R.E.S. makes the realm of Cyberspace look like any other realm of existence. Each kingdom can take the appearance of their own idea of existence. Everything from a medieval kingdom, the middle ages, the prime of the Egyptian empire, New York in 1900’s to the present or even futuristic. There is no limit as to what each site looked like. Thousands of bits if code is involved to make each corner of the universe what it is; like a online game each realm has its own secret passages, weapons, contacts and goods that the people can have access. (I recommend G.M.s use this as sparingly as to not disrupt the balance of the game.)

The Growth
The realm of cyberspace is constantly growing and that is usually happening from an outside influence namely Earth. Some of the cyber people take advantage of that and “become” part of the growth. This Becoming turns the cyber being into a creature that is no longer recognized by the standards of human code and is now capable of power similar to a Nightbane and their talents.

The growth is presumed to go beyond the Ethereal Plane and now into the various other panes of existence. Thousands of cults in the Cyberspace want to push the boundaries of their realm to consume the ‘Human Realm’ unaware that they are doing the bidding of the Beast. Some think its like the expansion of the galaxy and that it expands and contracts but it hasn’t contracted and could really just expand for ever.

So far there are rumors that the Growth has bled into other dimensions however this has not been proven yet or that no one has truly attempted to prove this point but should they attempt to prove it they will feel the wrath of the Beast who is the unofficial Lord of Cyberspace.

Each Layer
Those who live in one layer may never see the rest of the layers as it is so vast and immense controlled by the thirteen super computers that networked control the thousands of empires and kingdoms that litter the world that is called Cyberspace. There are are originally seven layers and the older code talk about the old days. Now it is divided into four layers and at the top are the sites; countless thousands of kingdoms ruled by various beings. Several kingdoms have collected into larger groups called Servers. Thirteen servers are chief of Cyberspace but there is many more lesser and smaller servers; ethernets, intranets etc.

Don’t think that this space is limited as it does not have access to the Astral Plane, Dreamstream, or Nightlands. There are occasional rumors that these worlds are accessible by the ‘safety” of Cyberspace but if its accessible they are not saying. Nightbane are the new element that just might reveal everything that the Cyberspace could really include.

Fused Wires